French Bulldog Training

Basic French Bulldog Training

Originally bred in England, the French bulldog is a smaller version of the English bulldog.  However, this dog is a strong, compact and well-built breed that has big, rounded bat ears that are naturally upright.  They also have round dark eyes and a flat but powerful muzzle, a pug nose, a rounded forehead, and a square-shaped flat head.  Their skin is smooth and loose, and their tail can be either straight or coiled.  French bulldogs are remarkably good-natured they are very affectionate to their owners and children.  However, they can be a little possessive.  Most of their behavioral problems are due to lack of communication or miscommunication between them and their owners.  They would love to be part of their owners family and to have close contact with them. Nonetheless, they can behave properly if they are well-trained. ...

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French Bulldog Training Success…

French Bulldog Breed Information

What Is A French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are a cute breed of small, domestic dogs that are related to other bulldog breeds such as the American Bulldog and the English Bulldog. Being of a small...

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French Bulldog Care

Basic French Bulldog Care

French bulldogs, and bulldogs in general, make for good pets since there isn't much to French bulldog care. They do well even in small living spaces and have a tendency to stay put...

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French Bulldog Puppies

Caring For French Bulldog Puppies

They're absolutely adorable and are just so fun to be with. Sometimes, you will find them lounging in the couch while sometimes, you will find them chasing around a ball in the...

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