French bulldogs, and bulldogs in general, make for good pets since there isn’t much to French bulldog care. They do well even in small living spaces and have a tendency to stay put whenever they are indoors. They don’t need yards to walk around in, which is again perfect for those living in apartments and others where spaces are small. However, as with any other kind of dog care, French bulldog care will require you to take your dog for some exercise. They have to use up energy, after all. This will just take a few minutes of walking or jogging anyway because the French bulldog is very lazy.

And because of this, you have to be mindful of how they eat because they have nearly zero activity to burn off what they consume. Keeping them on a strict diet ensures that the Bulldog will still be fit and stocky even with little exercise so they can keep their health. As with people, overeating and lack of exercise are sure-fire ways for a French bulldog to become overweight. You’re going to want to avoid that so if you must remember anything about French bulldog care, you have to watch what they eat and make sure that they are moving as much as possible.

When it comes to providing French bulldog care for their coats, you actually don’t have to do much because the dog has very short, smooth fur. All it will need from you is a bristle brush and a brushing every day. Since it has short hair, air is able to reach the French bulldog’s skin so it doesn’t require regular baths. In exchange though, you will have to regularly wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove odor-emitting dirt that may get trapped within its folds. You also don’t have to worry about this dog getting bad breath, although it depends on the kind of food they are eating. The occasional brushing of teeth will be appreciated and dog chews also help so make sure they get those.

As for their comfort, you have to make sure that it always stays in areas with the right temperature because the French bulldog is not capable of adapting quickly to temperature changes. While they have a hard time keeping warm during the colder months because they have short fur, they also are not easily able to adjust to the heat when the temperature starts to rise. As such, this dog is prone to suffering from heatstroke so keep this in mind when you are out and about. Even when you’re not really exercising, merely walking around in the heat can hurt your French bulldog. French bulldogs also are at their laziest during the hotter months so they will usually just lie on the floor. Since they’re not moving, they end up with heat rashes on their belly. Part of French bulldog care then is providing your dog with a cold and comfortable surface to sprawl on so he avoids getting heat rashes.