French bulldogs are adorable, carefree, and lively that it would be a shame to leave them abandoned and homeless. Groups advocating French bulldog rescue are now active in advocating the care and rehabilitation of abandoned and neglected French bulldogs. Volunteers administer necessary medical care and provide for the basic needs of the dog until they find a suitable home where they are cared for. However, for some French bulldogs, it may take them awhile to be relocated to permanent homes. There are some French bulldogs that go through a traumatic ordeal that it alters their warm and affectionate temperament. It’s either they become too aggressive or too timid.

Not all people that send their French bulldogs to a French bulldog rescue center in a bad condition. Some owners surrender their French bulldogs to a rescue center because they cannot care for the dog anymore. There are owners who have to relocate and cannot take their dogs with them. Other owners cannot afford the costs of taking care of a dog. French bulldogs tend to have special needs, especially if they suffer from conditions like heart problems and spinal disorders. However, there are really irresponsible owners that hurt and neglect their French bulldogs. In such cases, volunteers rescue these French bulldogs and take them to the center.

Do yourself, the dog, and the entire community a favor by assessing your motivation for adopting the dog. Would you really consider yourself a dog lover or do you just find them cute? Because if it’s just the latter, don’t even bother getting one. Dogs are pretty much like children. They have special needs and require constant attention and care. You have to examine your budget, schedule, and dedication. You have to play with them for at least 30 minutes, take them out on walks, feed them, bathe them, and bring them to the veterinarian.

Should you decide to get a French bulldog, you should consider adopting one from a French bulldog rescue center instead.  You will give these dogs a new home and a chance to have a better life. Adoption is cheaper and you will surely get a healthy dog from a legitimate rescue center. Plus, most rescue centers provide a starter kit for new owners of the French bulldog. This is so much better than supporting pet stores that only breed for profit. Many of these pet stores overlook the welfare of the animals. With a French bulldog rescue center, you are assured of genuine care for the dog.