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French Bulldog Savvy
‘Learn How to Make Your French Bulldog
Happy, Healthy and Obedient’
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I keep referring back to the books...

July 23, 2013

French Bulldog Savvy was very helpful “fine tuning” my adopted adult dog. There was some retro training and undo bad behavior, but the books were very helpful in getting her in line. She is getting better at socializing with other dogs and people. Still a little way to go, but I keep referring back to the books to help. Thanks!

Amy, West Virginia USA

the only people who understand the difference...

July 23, 2013

You are the only people who understand the difference between a puppy and a french bulldog puppy!

S.Dobson, Surrey UK

this would have made it a little easier...

July 23, 2013

I wish I knew about this book when I brought my Gracie home.. she is two years old and we have learned a lot together.. but this would have made it a little easier.

Jennifer, Milford CT USA

I noticed a difference...

July 23, 2013

Very easy to understand and use. I noticed a difference in days after utilizing some of the techniques.

Scott, Yorba Linda Ca US

found the book extremely helpful...

May 30, 2013

Having no experience with the breed I found the book extremely helpful and full of common sense advice.

J.Clarke, Lutana Tasmania Australia

Worth the money!...

May 30, 2013

The book has been great. It taught me a lot about my dog and how to work with her. I really appreciate it! Worth the money!

Jamie, Menomonee Falls WI United States

it WORKS!...

May 30, 2013

Easy to understand.. and it WORKS!

C.McNamee, Coto de Caza California USA

good book with excellent tips and support...

May 30, 2013

Frankly, a good book with excellent tips and support. very good to go back to and use as a reference. helpful too for other breeds.

D.Wilkins, tipton UK

updates have been very encouraging...

May 30, 2013

I have not written to ask any specific questions but your email updates have been very encouraging and have kept me on track. Thanks!

E.Smith, Salt Lake City Utah United States

I am not alone in the training...

May 30, 2013

It makes me feel that I am not alone in the training and general keeping of a french bulldog.

L.Knight, Brentwood Eessex

I now have a happy healthy relationship with my dog...

April 16, 2013

I found French Bulldog Savvy a great help when researching the breed and from there found it great when I started to train my puppy. Following the advice in the book has ensured I now have a happy healthy relationship with my dog Zeus.

Michelle from Ireland

very informative and helpful...

April 16, 2013

I have found this book to be very informative and helpful when it comes to my dog because they give so many breed adapted ideas and information which is very important because this breed is much different to deal with then the other breeds of dogs we have had.


extremely useful...

April 16, 2013

I have found all the information given by French Bulldog Savvy extremely useful so far and I am sure that I will refer to it again and again throughout Kendos life.

Kathryn Budby, Knottingley Yorkshire England

Very informative, yet very practical...

April 16, 2013

Very informative, yet very practical and written in down to earth language and easy to relate to.


helpful in training our little companion...

April 16, 2013

As our puppy grows, its nice to have such a useful guide to refer to. The information has been very helpful in training our little companion.

Eric, Leavenworth KS United States

Worth every penny ten times over...

April 16, 2013

French Bulldog Savvy has been the best gift for my family and our French Bulldog. It is the secret to having the best experience you can with your best friend. Worth every penny ten times over!!

Teresa Arthur, Saint Robert Missouri USA

it became the bible!...

April 16, 2013

French Bulldog Savvy was the first book I bought about the breed and was an excellent resource after bringing my puppy home…it became the bible!!!

Lynsey Cartwright, Singleton WA Australia

very useful and informative...

April 16, 2013

I found it useful because French Bulldog’s are like no other breed of dog i have ever encountered and to read all the information and advice in French Bulldog savvy was very useful and informative unlike other dog books, and confirmed to me that French Bulldogs are unique dogs.

Caroline Coles, high wycombe bucks england

found it to be the best...

April 16, 2013

I found French Bulldog savvy over the internet. i was looking for a good reference on French Bulldogs and found it to be the best. i love the email updates on French Bulldog tips. I find these very helpful and interesting.

Heidi, houston texas usa

nice to have email support...

April 16, 2013

As a beginner with a French Bulldog I find that they are very intelligent and sometimes stubborn as you said in your book which I would not have known otherwise so its imperative to know what the breed is like. I must say that sometimes when you have a unique problem then it would be nice to have email support for more personal assistance.

Liz Newton, Wartburg Kwazulu Natal South Africa

allowed Rusty and us to all enjoy...

April 16, 2013

My year old rescue dog Rusty was just beautiful, and we loved him dearly. His only fault was that when both my husband and I went out he would become frantic and bark and become destructive. With the help that French Bulldog Savvy provided has allowed Rusty and us to all enjoy our time apart from each other. Which makes our time together that much more special.

Sharon Little, Woy Woy NSW Australia

puppy is responding well...

April 16, 2013

French Bulldog Savvy has been spot on. It’s been so helpful and with the regular tips and our 15 week old puppy Tulullah is responding well.

Kat McGregor, Leeds West Yorkshire UK

she’s making progress...

April 16, 2013

Although Dilly had a basic training when we brought her home, she was trying to dominate us and we didn’t know how to deal with it or stop her. After reading your Savvy we started her training again from the beginning along with your book. As she’s not puppy anymore it’s taking a bit more time but she’s making progress so are we. Thank you.

Jitka, Nettlestead Kent United Kingdom

having success with stay command...

April 16, 2013

We are doing the stay command and having success I always go to the book when I have a question about stuff.

The Forbes, fullerton California USA

loved the advice each step of the way...

April 16, 2013

We have loved the advice each step of the way. We brought home two beautiful frenchie at the same time so we needed double the advice! This book. Was a great help to us.

The Martins, collierville tn usa

make our lives happy...

April 16, 2013

I came across on the internet the book because I go through phases of my dogs 1st year wondering if we made the right choice. With the book I have found that we really love our dog & will take all the information in this book & make our lives happy for us and our dog Abby.

Judy Pelletier, Coventry RI USA

your book gave me hope...

April 16, 2013

I was apprehensive because of all the comments people would say about them and your book gave me hope because there are ways to correct behaviors which people didn’t seem to offer…imagine that.

Steve and Lillian Reno, Ocoee Florida USA

the tips and tricks are very helpful...

April 16, 2013

This book really understands the nature of a frenchie and having everything catered to them makes the tips and tricks very helpful.

Laurel, Cincinnati Ohio USA

a great source of information...

April 16, 2013

I was looking on the net to find out about French Bulldogs before we decide to buy that breed and came across your site….I read some of the articles and decided to buy the dog as well as the book to help guide me in the right direction in training her. Thanks it was a great source of information.

Dianna Lipscomb, Ponchatoula La. USA

very helpful and easy to follow...

April 16, 2013

I have found French Bulldog Savvy very helpful and easy to follow with a lot of additional information regarding French Bulldogs my pup is only 10 weeks old but I have started the basic training and will refer to French Bulldog Savvy many times in the future as we progress.

Nicola Barnes, Moira Co Armagh Northern Ireland

helpful for all the training...

April 16, 2013

I found this book helpful for all the training info which helped me to gain control of my dog and also to have the added e-mail support as a back up also breads confidence knowing support is at hand if / when needed.

Gary Dunn, carnbroe coatbridge scotland

most useful information...

April 16, 2013

French Bulldog Savvy is the most useful information I have ever had. Max my 5 year old French Bulldog was ill and I actually found out what was wrong with him by reading your health section in Savvy.

Mrs Beverley Boardman, Irlam Manchester UK

simple, clear cut information...

April 16, 2013

Your material fills the need for owners to get simple, clear cut information that they can apply consistently to the training of this breed.

R. Pendakur, Gaston Oregon USA

invaluable reference...

April 16, 2013

Having bought a French Bulldog we realised quickly that this was a special dog. Having looked around the internet for books on this breed i came across French Bulldog Savvy which seemed to have all the information we needed to have a happy contented dog. Having two children we needed to know as much as we could about this breed and your book is very comprehensive from training him as a pup to enjoying him as an older dog. Your book has provided us with an invaluable reference and has helped our puppy become a loving and valued member of our family. Anyone buying a French Bulldog should definitely buy this book, for us it been as important as buying our puppy.

Jaemie Hutton, Leeds North Yorkshire England

It aids in my daily training...

April 16, 2013

I enjoy reading the emails as it keeps me abreast of the latest care for my dog. It aids in my daily training routines.

Shane Parsons, Denver Colorado USA

I see progress ahead...

April 16, 2013

Our children gave us Troy as a Christmas gift. We had another frenchie for 13 yrs. and he died a year ago and the children said it was not the same coming home without a frenchie to greet them. We love Troy but he is very hyper and has been hard to handle so my daughter found your website and sent it to me and I checked it out and bought the book. He is big and hard to handle and will not listen but we love him so much. I am having some luck and it has been slow go… but I thing he finally knows I mean business so I see progress ahead.

Judy Bennett, Wadley Alabama USA

glad to have French Bulldog Savvy...

April 16, 2013

As forrest is our first puppy we have had we thought it would be help full to get some good advice. having looked though every book sight i came across French Bulldog savvy, and glad i did. Its been great we now have an 9 week old puppy who is going outside to use the toilet for number twos. and even letting us know during the night when he needs to go. if you can get up with him it will be worth it. we had our first full nights sleep last night. it is like having a baby.

Andrew dakin, swadlincote england

more specific than the general dog training manuals...

April 16, 2013

Lots of help especially during the testing early days. The advice is more specific than the general dog training manuals and easier to relate to the behaviour of our little puppy.

Phil Grosvenor, Pembrokeshire Wales

outstanding source of knowledge...

April 16, 2013

An outstanding source of knowledge.

Josh Wright, Sydney NSW Australia

Great advice and very informative...

April 16, 2013

Great advice and very informative – owners will only make the difference in training a dog and WE need to be reminded constantly.

Colleen Brilhart, Avondale PA USA

Thank you for the help...

April 16, 2013

I knew nothing about the breed until reading your report. Thank you for the help in understanding this wonderful breed.

Marilyn Gillespie, Holden Louisiana Livingston

most useful...

April 16, 2013

Out of all the info a gathered on French Bulldogs, Diana’s info seemed to be the most useful. I will be using it alot more as little Aymah and I grow together.

Matt Clemons Carl Junction, Missouri United States

great investment for us all...

April 16, 2013

I’ve found the information to be timely with good history and background in the decision to add a French Bulldog to our family and to be spot on as far as the training tips – it’s been a great investment for us all.

T Hummel, Hurley SD USA

a very spot on training guide...

April 16, 2013

French Bulldog Savvy is a very spot on, breed specific training guide that give you an all around approach to raising a French Bulldog the French Bulldog way. You got a special animal, and it shows you how to easily and correctly appeal to that unique breed.

Jennifer Schlieve, Fargo ND USA

It works...

March 27, 2013

there are so many different books on dog training some of which are not suitable for French Bulldogs – French Bulldog Savvy covers all aspects of French Bulldog care and training. I could not find this level of help anywhere else and it works.

Lynn Nuttall, Lincolnshire, UK

Barking under control...

March 27, 2013

I was looking for imformation on the internet of how to take care of my Bulldog and to find out how to make him stop barking at everything. I found your guide and bought it and the barking is now under control. Thank you. We are making more progress than ever before with her training. Thank you.

Rita Bemis, Tooele, Utah

Easy to understand and use...

March 27, 2013

Your simple explanations for raising and caring for my Bulldog are brilliant, easy to understand and use. I struggled with a couple of things but you email advice soon put me right. Thank you.

Amanda Reynolds, West Midlands, UK

More success than anything else...

March 27, 2013

I have had more success with French Bulldog Savvy with my 10 year old French Bulldog than any thing else I have tried. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of trying any program, try this one first. You won’t be sorry. Sincerely,

Betty Thomas, Palm City, FL

I would not hesitate to recommend French Bulldog Savvy...

March 27, 2013

Being first time French Bulldog owners, we were very anxious about how to train our dog to be an obediant and constant companion. We really needed information we could rely on and follow easily. We have found that French Bulldog Savvy has answered all our questions and concerns. It is in an easy to read format, and the emails we receive are a real bonus. I cannot believe you can provide so much, for so little a price. I can see you truly care and appreciate your dogs and want to pass on your valuable experiences. That fact alone speaks volume for your work. I would not hesitate to recommend French Bulldog Savvy and the entire package to anyone with a French Bulldog at any age.

Sandy Countryman, Arden, Delaware

Easily trained...

March 27, 2013

French Bulldog Savvy always gives good advice even to an owner, like me, who has gone through this before. The reminders are great. I have a mom who is very well trained – except when she sees cats, rabbits, and squirrels but we’ve got that under control now. Our pup is super and smart easily trained thanks to your advice. Thank you.

Maria Vogels, Ontario, Canada

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